About Us


▪We value the existence of a sincere and continuous communication environment between our teaching staff and our students, since we believe in the effectiveness of learning through mutual collaboration. We provide an integrated communication education for our students in today’s world, where the interaction between communication channels is increasing day by day due to the internet.

▪ We offer our students specialization opportunities that will enable them to use specific communication channels or to develop policies concerning them. Therefore, starting from the third year, you can choose one of the following options:

  ▪ Newsmaking.
  ▪ Broadcasting.
  ▪ Media Research and Management. 

▪ In option courses—which we call “Studio”—you always get together with someone experienced from the media sector as well as with a faculty member.

▪ In all of the studio courses, you get a chance to experience simulations of the business environments in which you will be working in the communication sector, and you graduate with a rich portfolio of the projects you have developed. 

▪ The doors of our highly equipped studios are open to you in the off -hours when you want to produce news, films, programs, etc.

Full Tuition: 7   Half Tuition: 15

After Graduation
Graduates of the Department of Media and Communication can work as journalists, news reporters, program producers, and writers at national and international press agencies; they can also work as critics, directors, customer representatives, and public opinion researchers. Print and online newspapers, journals, TV and radio channels, service institutions such as TRT, the General Directorate of Press, Anadolu Agency, the Radio and Television Supreme Council, advertising agencies, publishing houses, film production, and delivery companies are among some of the institutions and organizations where our graduates can seek employment.
Faculty of Communication Studios 

In a specially designed 1200 m2 area:
▪ Overall HD technical infra-structure. 
▪ Professional cameras, lighting, and sound equipment.
▪ Reserved only for our students:
▪ Television studio.
▪ News studio.
▪ 8 editing rooms.
▪ Radio broadcasting studios.
▪ Sound studio.
▪ Movie theatre.