Department of New Media and Communication

About the Department

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We, as the Izmir University of Economics Department of New Media and Communication, believe that a pluralistic, fair, and responsible communication process is possible only with communicators who can add valuable content to the existing media environment. We also believe that the need for such content, which is produced with ethical and social responsibility, increases the demand for qualified personnel in the work force. We offer our students the chance to determine their own area of specialization, and we hope to get them ready for their careers in as efficient and thorough a way as possible. Our program embraces the importance of creative and critical thinking, and is prepared to reflect the dynamics of the sector by means of our state-of-the-art communication technologies. We believe that the time you will spend as a student in the Department of Media and Communication of the Izmir University of Economics will offer different experiences from the ones you had before. You will become part of a real university environment, which will prepare you not only for business life but also for life after university. The discipline of media and communication is nourished by many different academic disciplines, and our academic staff itself hails from several different countries and academic cultures—all to your benefit. You, as university students who study the media and communication processes, always function at the intersection points of art, culture, and politics, and in our department you will get a chance to enrich all of your artistic, cultural, and intellectual attributes. You will see that your education here will help you to become independent, creative, self-confident adults who know what they want and how to achieve their goals. In short, we are expecting to see you here to share a rich university life in every aspect.